December 11, 2014

Best Investments in Life – in People

Have you ever looked at people who are uber rich or highly successful or very happy in life ? What do they do differently ? Reliance, […]
December 4, 2014

4 some proven tips for perfect Oral Health

1. Brush and use a tongue cleaner in morning, and night before going to bed. Make sure not to eat anything after brushing in night. 2. […]
December 2, 2014

Daily Daemons Limits

:: Daily Daemons Limit :: Below are the limits to which we should strictly adhere to maintain good health. These numbers are indicative only. Sugar – […]
November 27, 2014

Desk Job Lethargy Buster Tips

In today’s world there are a lot of people > 50% working at a desk job. A gruelling, mind numbing 8+ hours working at a desk is […]
November 26, 2014

5 min Flat Healthy Breakfast

Preparation Time: 5 mins Ingredients: Oats, Water Pommegranate, Almonds, Flax or Chia seeds (optional) Cinnamon, Flax or Chia seeds (optional) Method: Add Oats, and water to […]
November 19, 2014

Ripple Effect Change

A simple change in focus or a change in personality leads to ripple effects in many facets of our lives. People who don’t believe it, throw […]