June 22, 2015

10 Trivia about Obesity

India has 73% urban population who are overweight. US is top of list. Obesity has doubled in past 10 years Obesity is a Pandora’s box for […]
June 21, 2015

20 min Men’s Yoga Challenge

June 21st is Yoga Day. Many people still have notion that yoga is for girls or we can’t develop strength using yoga. Yoga build internal strength, […]
June 20, 2015

3 Best NGO’s in India – Joy of Giving

Many people in India or elsewhere want to donate and  do some bit to help the downtrodden and under privileged. However, they are unsure of whether […]
June 18, 2015

100 things of Tax for Common Man

Dear All 100 things of TAX for common man.!! Income Tax: 1)      Detailed information of Income Tax is available on www.incometaxindia.gov.in 2)      As per Income Tax […]
April 7, 2015

6 Life Lessons from my GrandFather

My grandfather has expired on march 23rd. The last few days office life has been spent in agony. I have learnt alot of things because of […]
March 3, 2015

7 Smart Investments in your 20s

This post is for all people in the 20-30 age group. People above 30, if they haven’t done things below then leave every other work in […]