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November 7, 2014

Risks Worth Taking in Life

Read this wonderful article which clearly states what risks are worth taking and what are plain stupidity – https://medium.com/show-your-work/45f136600f7e   Also, I would want to share a […]
November 5, 2014

Daily Amala – Secret to longevity and beauty

There are numerous anti-ageing creams, vitamin-C supplements, iron supplements, cold tablets, cholesterol lowering antibiotics and insulin regulators. Each of them have their own side-effects. What if […]
November 4, 2014

Stress Relief – Cleanse Nerves – ReEnergise – Part 1

Stress has multiple adverse effects on body. Stress increases body fat, stress decreases energy levels, stress leads to nervous breakdown, stress affects sexual health, stress is harmful. How […]
May 19, 2014

Morning Rituals

Every mortal teen, person in their late-twenties will transform from a morning bird to a night owl burning the midnight oil and sleeping through the precious […]
May 17, 2014

Low Risk High Return Equity Stock – Healthy Day Basics

I am from India and there are umpteen number of cultures with different eating habits. Its a land of 1.2B people with 30% of people malnourished […]
January 2, 2014

Science of Surya Namaskar – Part 1 ( Basic Stances )

Surya Namaskar – Reference: Wikipedia This sequence of movements and asanas can be practised on varying levels of awareness, ranging from that of physical exercise in […]