BHSIndia – Beauty and Health Sizzlers from India site is dedicated to providing simple, proven tips and methodologies to improve the standard of a person’s living. This site aims at preventing people falling into the vicious circle of earning money only to spend it back on repairing the body because of various health issues which could be tackled with simple remedies.

These tips have either been validated or proven scientifically or taken from 5000 year old ancient medical literature ( ayurveda ) of India.

Please take a moment and take the below oath.

MHO – MyHealthOath: I shall work to ensure that I have the chance to live a full and productive life, free from avoidable diseases. I shall keep the temple of my soul ( my body ) pure and healthy. I shall not ever have the need to take a pill or step into a hospital or spend my hard-earned dimes in repairing my temple. I shall rigorously abide by my promises to myself, my near and dear to rise above all obstacles and be a winner in this pursuit of physical, mental, and social well-being.