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GVK Sanjay Reddy is business stalwart in India. http://www.gvk.com/aboutus/boardofdirectors.aspx He has taken over the reins of his family business 26 years back and has since then strengthened it by leaps and bounds by diversifying into new businesses, understanding those businesses and creating excellence in those businesses. He is true Entrepreneur and challenges status quo of business standards in terms of execution.

We at Yi had the privilege to meet him in person and interact with him in a very informal setting. Some of highlights are:

His most prestigious and challenging project has been the Mumbai International Airport. It was an audacious, insanely crazy goal at that time to even think of bidding for this project. A local Telugu business Tycoon going all the way to the land of Marathas and to win the trust of them is in itself an achievement.

He had to face many many hurdles – disbelief from his own team, spending huge amounts to bid on a business he didn’t understand, in a place away from home, in a strongly cultured city dominated by the politicos and the mafia, trying to literally change the wheels of a plane when in Air (Mumbai airport had no extra space and is extremely busy so they can’t shutdown or move operations elsewhere)

In spite of all these, he did it with finesse and setup new standards in Airport business. How he did what he did ? How can he be a global multitasker, plunge into multiple businesses, execute them, put systems in place for them to self evolve and improve ?

Below are 4 simple mantras for business:
1. Power of Belief – He has quoted a book called http://www.amazon.in/The-Biology-Belief-Unleashing-Consciousness/dp/1401923127 . If you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do.
2. Power of Positive Thinking – Even an bit of negativity is bad. We should always approach even worst situations with a positive attitude. There are always 2 sides to a coin, the positive side and the negative side.
3. Embrace Challenges – The more you challenge yourself, the better you will be as a person. Have big hairy audacious goals, be meticulous in planning, hire the best people and experts with a firm belief in yourself.
4. Empower people – The best way for an organization to sustain is by empowering it’s people, by putting in systems so that it can self evolve with minimal intervention.

He looks at bright side of things in others but is a stern judge of himself which makes him improve constantly.

He has learnt most of things in life by observing people, first trusting them fully, having a core value system and most importantly, by power of belief.

… To Be continued (Personal Habits)

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