20 min Men’s Yoga Challenge
June 21, 2015
Mobile Radiation Harmful or Not ?
June 23, 2015

India has 73% urban population who are overweight. US is top of list.

Obesity has doubled in past 10 years

Obesity is a Pandora’s box for multiple plaguing health issues.

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Diabetes, Arthritis, High Bp, High Cholesterol, heart attacks, cancer to name a few

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Obesity is due to excessive binge eating, or improper care of body for people with thyroid hormone issues, and lack of any form of exercise.

Just as negative thoughts have power to attract more negative thoughts, so is the case with positive thoughts.

Daily Yoga practice, leads to mindful eating, less stress on body, confidence building and  reducing/toning body.

Believe in power of compounding, start with one change in life and everything follows suit. Daily small changes even for 1 minute creates a sea change.
Take up the challenge – http://fitvi.com/2015/06/21/20-min-mens-yoga-challenge/

There is no greater proof and inspiration than this video: http://youtu.be/KbVpCc_r9Sw

Remember we are not born obese and our body is the temple/mosque/church where we live. Start now with a firm resolve in mind.

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