6 Life Lessons from my GrandFather

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March 3, 2015
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June 18, 2015

My grandfather has expired on march 23rd. The last few days office life has been spent in agony. I have learnt alot of things because of him. I just wish wherever he is, he lives happily. 16 days in hospital is a very painful process.

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He was my role model. Taught me hindi, taught me how to read, got me how to play, and the value of time. He was a gentleman. Respected other people, had good habits like exercising early in the morning, taking oil baths, always eating at home, avoiding junk food and living the holistic life.

He followed his routine for the past 60 years. Every time i met him, he asked me if i’d exercise daily. I always responded saying ” sometimes”

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I plan to incorporate his daily morning routine which is
– Exercise regularly
– Massage body with oil before bath
– As far as possible avoid outside food
– Always be punctual
– Learn new languages

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