Desk Job Lethargy Buster Tips

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November 26, 2014
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December 2, 2014

In today’s world there are a lot of people > 50% working at a desk job. A gruelling, mind numbing 8+ hours working at a desk is dangerous to body and mind, causing many health related issues, increase in stress and loss of energy.

We would discuss a few time tested, proven tips which would prevent build up of stress, improve the health and maintain the energy levels.

Before going into the details, I will tell you a small story about some ancient tribes who wore neck rings from a young age and thereby the necks elongated to above normal lengths.



The reason for the above story is that, if we bend or sit or do something in a particular posture for a longtime, our body, tends to adapt to that position and causes undue stress or issues because of it.

Coming to our tips:

1. So most important thing at a desk job is a proper posture. Our joints should not be in a bent position for a long time. As far as possible, they should be straight in line.


Ex: Joints at wrist should not be bent while typing, neck should not be bent up or down while typing but looking straight at monitor, spine should not be in a slouching position, instead it should be upright.


Just the above correction will reduce a lot of health related ailments (carpal tunnel, sciatica nerve, spondilytis, etc)


2. Every 30 mins or atleast after an hour stretch the body. Some simple stretches like stiffen the whole body and release, release as though you are releasing all the toxins and stress out from body. Stretch the neck, waist, hands and legs.


3. Keep breathing fresh air from time to time. If possible place a small cacti plant at your desk.

4. Another most important point is to drink atleast 2L of water for duration of work. Keep a bottle of water near your table and keep sipping it from time to time. It plays a dual role, cleanses the body and also,  forces you to move as you need to go to the washroom.

If possible have a gym ball in your office and form time to time, you can sit on it so that it challenges the body for stability.



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