Purify air, purify thoughts
November 18, 2014
5 min Flat Healthy Breakfast
November 26, 2014

Ripple Effect Change

A simple change in focus or a change in personality leads to ripple effects in many facets of our lives. People who don’t believe it, throw a stone in the water, you will see the effect of it in all surrounding area.

The same can be achieved in real life and a small change in one behaviour leads to multiple changes in all walks of life.

There are several virtues which one needs to have discipline, humility, truthfulness or honesty and Punctuality.  Except punctuality all others are relatively difficult to practice. Agree ?


One such sea change is “Punctuality” . I challenge all my readers to just focus on just this 1 change for a month. Make sure you are punctual to all meetings, all office timings, all functions for just a month.

Believe it or not, trust me, this simple change will:

  • make sure you manage your time effectively,
  • reduce time spent on excessive social media,
  • spend more time with family, friends,
  • get attention of people your superiors and
  • cross all your mental blocks (waking up in morning, brusing, bathing, sleeping early, reducing wastage on checking mails, eating healthy, reducing junk).

Initially it may seem there seems to be some negative effects, but consciously make a note of those and just proceed, you will see it will vanish.

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