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November 7, 2014
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November 17, 2014

The title is a famous quote by Swami Vivekananda.

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Here are a few questions upon which everyone should ponder:
1. How many times in a day do we eat, check facebook ?

2. How many times in a year do we give our car/vehicle for servicing and how much are we bothered by kind of petrol/oil/gas we put in our car, bothered by minute accidents/dents that happen to it ?

3. Where you you live ?

4. Do we clean our homes daily or wish to keep it clean ?


5. Do you get angry easily when you are happy, full of energy or when you are exhausted in mind or body ?

6. How many times do we react to a situation instead of analysing it ?

7. How many times in a day do we get negative emotions/thoughts ?

8. Are you happy when you are alone ?

Here is most important question: How carefree are we about our body ? Do you take care of it daily ?

Why should I ? Its  a machine which can take care of itself, heal itself, withstand the travails of modern day evils. True that, however, every machine wears out.


The main point of our existence is not just to live life through the moments, but give life to the moments we live.


Body is the temple in which we live.  We live in our body. If we care for a non-living object like car/vehicle so much that we even think about the kind of petrol we use, then why don’t we think about our body the same way ?

Prevention is better than cure is a phrase which everyone understands but none follow or truly believe in.

The moment we start taking care of our body, all negative emotions/thoughts leave our body not forcefully. This is an amazing process in which positive magnetism increases and negative magnetism decreases, what happens when negative magnetism decreases ?

The negative emotions which got attached falls of automatically, unable to withstand the force of positive magnetism.

For this to happen, we need to take a strong resolve (sankalpa/will power). Will power is inculcated, and not something which can be increased from day 1. Sankalpa should be “No Matter what,  I will take  care of my body every single day”. With this thought in mind:

We consciously observe the food we eat, stretch and exercise the body, take control of our breath and then, achieve focus of our mind.

When we do all of this, it is called Yoga. Its a science, its a philosophy, its a psychology, its a truth, its a way of living. It’s not just about asanas like everyone thinks. I wouldn’t go into vast science and details behind it.

When we consciously observe things we eat -> we reduce eating junk, will power increases slowly -> body becomes more active, has more energy -> we  start enjoying the moments -> we start observing the emotions -> we radiate happiness, love and positive vibes all around -> we can enrich lives of not just us but all people around us -> we create wonderrs -> we become the ultimate .

In next few posts, I will go into small small changes which can create sea changes in our lives and have a dramatic effect. Think about the questions in this post till then.


If you have any specific questions in mind, please shoot in comments section and I will answer them through posts if needed.




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