Stress Relief – Cleanse Nerves – ReEnergise – Part 1

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May 19, 2014
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November 5, 2014

Stress Relief – Cleanse Nerves – ReEnergise – Part 1

Stress has multiple adverse effects on body. Stress increases body fat, stress decreases energy levels, stress leads to nervous breakdown, stress affects sexual health, stress is harmful.

How do we combat stress ? There are numerous ways, 100’s of tips on the internet (walking, exercise, running, jumping, zumba, gym, listening to music, dancing, playing a musical instrument, laughing out loud, hiking, etc).

However, many still do not find relief due to lack of knowledge or lack of proper guidance. In this post I suggest a very very simple technique, which has been proven scientifically and has been followed since 400 CE.

This doesn’t require any fancy equipment, places, money or energy. It just requires your body and a place to sit.

It is technically called Nadi (nerve) Shodhana (to purify) Pranayama or Alternate Nose breathing or anulom vilom. 

1. Sit cross legged or in padamasana or vajrasana or any comfortable posture on ground.

2. Right thumb on right nostril, index and middle fingers on the point in between eyes, and tail finger on the left nostril

3. Press tail finger, breathe in with right nostril

4. Hold breath for as long as comfortable

5. Press thumb, release the tail finger and breathe out with left nostril

6. Continue the above process for 5 minutes

7. Close eyes, spine erect, focus on breath entering the body and leaving the body


Advanced: Only try after you have achieved a level of master for 5 minutes over the above method.

Breathe In – Hold/Retention – Breathe Out . Make a note of time for each in this sequence. Try from 4-4-8, 4-8-8 and to 4-16-8 ( 4 seconds breathe in, 16 seconds hold breath, 8 seconds breathe out).

Once the above is achieved, advance to 12-48-24.

Simple forumla ideally:

Breathe In = X seconds

Hold = X*4 seconds

Breathe Out = X*2 seconds

5 minutes is all it takes for stress relief. It purifies the nervous system.

PS: Will upload a video soon.

CAUTION: Do not do this if you have acute asthma or heart trouble.

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