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May 17, 2014
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November 4, 2014

Every mortal teen, person in their late-twenties will transform from a morning bird to a night owl burning the midnight oil and sleeping through the precious mornings losing out on hair by gaining stress, losing out on sleep by gaining dark circles, losing out on sunrise by gaining mid-waist tires, losing out on money gained on health.

How many can attribute to it ? I betcha every single one of them.

I always argued – how different the ritual could be, we just have to set our body clock to this new ritual. What’s the big deal in this transformation ?


Slowly, over the years, the difference became clearer and visions no longer blurry, mind no longer theorizing to suit facts.

You want to be a WINNER, become a morning bird. (period)

Reasons are aplenty – Refreshed start, detoxed body, free mind to name a few.

How do we start it ?

There are a multitude of things we can do in the morning to make it a ritual. I will give you many different ideas and the one that I follow:

1. Wake up from bed, Brush

teeth twice daily

3. Drink Lemon+ Ginger or Lemon + Aloe Vera (Vitamin C, Potassium, Anti-Bacterial ) – Detoxes Liver, Removes Toxins from body, Improves skin complexion and improves the gastrointestinal tract

4. Perform 5 push-ups, 5 pull-ups, 5 squats to enable bowel movement. Other things are do Yoga Asanas for 10 mins like Surya Namaskar or do parkour or go for sprint runs or even dance to a tune (whatever you like doing that day)

pain lifting weights

5. After your bathroom rush, do another set of 5 each.

6. Pick 3 top things which will improve your outlook, your finances and things you love to do (reading, writing blogs, writing a book, analyzing stocks, learning new skill, completing pending reports/projects/thesis, building websites/stuff, dancing, playing music)

7. Start off on them and do each one for exactly 15-20 mins only. Take a 5 min break after each task.


8. Go to kitchen – Prepare breakfast in each of these 5 mins (Boiled Eggs – 5 mins, Blend Oats, Chia/Pumpkin/Flax seeds, Cinnamon with Milk – 5 mins, Cut fruits (Apple, Banana, Pommegranate) – 5 mins) .

9. At the end of this 1 hour, you have done 3 things which you always wanted to and you have your breakfast ready as well.

10. Have your breakfast mindfully, enjoying, relishing this moment. If possible sit in your garden, observe the morning sunrise, the chirping birds, the gentle breeze wooing the rustling leaves and the aroma of fresh air.


Voila ! You feel so refreshed, relaxed, satisfied with a sense of achievement and do this every single day and you would have built “Rome” for yourself.

Take a refreshing bath and get started with the day.





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