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Science of Surya Namaskar – Part 1 ( Basic Stances )
January 2, 2014
Morning Rituals
May 19, 2014

I am from India and there are umpteen number of cultures with different eating habits. Its a land of 1.2B people with 30% of people malnourished and another 50% of population suffering from ailments caused by one’s own sluggish life and one’s own ignorance of nutrition. The word nutrition is foreign and things like ‘protein’, ‘vitamin’ are almost part of an ‘alien’ language.

Multitude of food cultures

Multitude of food cultures

Many might wonder, how do we have older generations who could live over 80 years and were strong warriors ?

Remember old school were the creators of Yoga, Ayurveda, Wrestling, Kabbadi, delicious cooking with all the rich spices and herbs. Life wasn’t sedentary, women maintained sparklingly clean homes – every action of their cleanliness ritual is a Yoga pose. Men – worked in hot sun for long hours and yet were stress free.

Ayurveda Herbs

Ayurveda Herbs



An amalgamation of the yore and yo! cultures would give us some wonderful insights:

– Early morning starts at 4 or 5 AM

– Drink water + lemon + honey before anything

– Brush teeth, Walk for a few minutes and do some exercise ( even for five minutes or just a few rounds of Surya Namaskar )

– Take bath to cleanse the body

– Have a natural breakfast rich in carbs, protein and vitamins (avoiding sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, refined flour – these include energy bars, commercial corn flakes, muesli, trail mix, white bread, white rice)

– Ideal breakfast would be oats + milk + bowl of fruits + 2 eggs

– Mix and match it with brown bread, avocados, jowar, ragi

– Have a banana or a few almonds after 2-3 hours

– For lunch have brown rice, dal with lots of green leafy vegetables in it and then a curry of your choice

– The toughest part would be during evenings

– Have a snack which is filling for next 2-3 hours but dont binge on it.

– Healthy snack choices an unsweetened fresh fruit juice and a salad ( simple salad with no dressings, sauces – Ex: chickpeas boiled or green peas + carrot, mushrooms or nuts )

– Have dinner by 7:30-8 (Lots of vegetables cabbage, green peas, carrot, beet root, little dal and brown rice or a bowl of veggies and fruits and finally a cup of yoghurt)


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