Balance beat Procastination

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November 26, 2012
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September 16, 2013

Balance beat Procastination

Procastination ? Yin-Yang Yin and Yang . A good life is a balance of Yin and Yang, is life’s truth. Dont ask me what is yin and what is yang ? I just liked it and seems reasonable from whatever little I read about it and it supposedly seems to work for many people including myself.

What would happen if we don’t balance and instead try to beat it – Domino effect

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Procastination – Why we do it ? How to stop it ? When is it good ?

Why ?
eating candy
a.) Instant Gratification – Eating a candy and gratifying your sense of taste.
pain lifting weights
b.) Fear of something – Fear of pain when lifting weights.
teeth twice daily
c.) No immediately visible negative consequences – My teeth wont rot if I dont brush twice just today.
d.) Overconfident Future self – I can read the entire “Tempest” by Shakespeare in a night and give my exam.

Do I need more explaining to do ? Please e-mail me with your questions so that we can tackle at a more broader level.

How to balance it ?
Brainstorm, elimintate, organize, create, display

Brainstorm – On all triggers for our procastination. Its only you who can consciously make an effort to realize every step, every trigger leading to your procastination and thereby your fall.

Eliminate – Eliminate all distractions and triggers which cause procastination. Remember A tweet, a like, a comment can all wait but not time.

Organize/Automate – Many a times, we want to do something but we end up with an excuse saying – have no time, in little I need to open something, and by the time I get there I wont have energy. Banish all these excuses –
Organize beforehand, create simple rules and simplify things, consciously eliminate routine tasks by automating them.

Create – Even if its a one line in a page, just write that one line. If you have no time, write one word before doing some trivial task and things should be easy for you since, you have organized before.
Change – Wobbly Bobbly Bubbles

Display – When you show people your work, you inadvertently become conscious, accountable and responsible for your work. ( Conscious Effort, Accountability and Responsibility )

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When is it good ?
When you want to be human, when you want to unplug from world and connect with yourself

More links about procastination follows below: There are many different ways to counter this but remember whatever way you choose, just do it, stick to your forehead and keep moving.
1.) - Long but detailed and interesting .
2.) – Most important here is the “VOCABULARY” part – training ur mind.
3.) – This explains the causes of procastination and to stop it in simple ways.
4.) Same as 3 for ways to stop procastination but broken down into finer details –

CHALLENGE:Anyone who is critical against the above post, can mail me with things where they procastinate. I can help them with the process of Brainstorm, elimintate, organize, create and display to overcome procastination. I challenge you would see amazing results within a month and would love it totally.

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