6 simple ways to stress free your life

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April 18, 2012
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6 simple ways to stress free your life


From birth to death a person faces several problems and there is always a head/tail response to it ( flight/fight ) . Now, can we classify these problems into 2 broad categories in language of Physics ?

Yes – When the external forces and internal forces balance each other ,  a person is at peace.

When force internal > force external its cutting the branch on which you are sitting. At times, you might destroy other which inherently causes harm to you but you may not be aware of it. Being rude, lack of humility, undermining other people, jealousy, over confidence  are all the symptoms.

When force external > force internal its stress.

Symptoms include : BP rises, digestive system slows down, breathing might be fast, heart rate raises, tense muscles and heightened sense of alertness.

The only problem with it is, its effects are immediate unlike the other 2 cases and its what we feel it super quick. “Angry Young Man” – is a misnomer, it aptly describes today’s youngsters who are stressed out by various pressures.

Now, I try to classify those pressures into a few broad classifications:

a.) When you have to satisfy others or prove something to someone .

b.) When you have financial woes.

c.) When you cannot be heard or people you speak to are deaf.

d.) When your feelings are not understood even after you shout at top of your voice. ( May God Protect the people who cant talk . Amen. )

e.) Loss of someone close and not able to vent out the pain/sadness deep rooted in you.

Lets get to the point. How to combat it ? How to fight it ? How to find peace ?

1.) This is my Bible, Quran, Gita - Be Your Own Driver : Dont let someone else steer you, dictate terms to you. Use your brains. How to use it is my 2nd point.

2.) You have nothing to prove to anything but yourself. Your body is the temple where you pray, the home where you live, the place where you stay always so take care of it and it will take care of you.

Exercise, Mediate and live always in your 16th year ( young and dynamic and full of energy and dreams ).

3.) Live in present : The world is most beautiful place, there is beauty in every little thing. To see it, to hear it, to taste it, to feel it doesnt require money, doesnt require riches but just yourself to be open.

Live in Present

4.) Believe in Dharma, Act out of love and Kindness, remove all malice from heart, think only positive, speak positive : Many clowns think undermining others or speaking negatively can create a good atmosphere ( punch dialogues ) and lighten up the mood. True challenge lies in speaking positive and yet creating a humorous, friendly environment.

Remember one thing: When you follow Dharma, even if you are not seeing its results immediately, if you have to die this moment you can die with honour, smile on your face and with no resentments in heart and your hands on your whiskers.

5.) “Expectation is the root of all heartache” – Shakespeare.  This point really is covered in 1st point and 4th point but still I want to highlight it separately because most people dont realize it and 70% of cases are related to just this one point.

Dependency on others without bounds and expectations without caution are dangerous. You expect people to like you, hear you, appreciate you, behave as you say or love you in a particular way or think like you do. Is it wrong for them to expect the same from you ? So, instead of fighting over this, change the way you think – Walk in other’s shoes, think from their views, be open to different perspectives, be open and have empathy, act with appreciation rather than expectation.

6.) This is really not a point but different ways to deal with stress available in many other blogs and sites. I hope you can incorporate most of the points in this image and live a stress free life.



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