Top 3 rules to stay 18 till You Die !! Stay Young, Fit and Doctor Free.

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July 14, 2011
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November 16, 2011

Since the advent of human race, nature has provided us with some simple yet potent recipes for living a healthy life without any fear of diseases.

Today’s youth, and elderly are plagued by 3 most common and widely prevalent unhealthy “COMMODITIES” which not only encroach into our otherwise beautiful paradise but also, infect/shower their affects on people surrounding us.

They are:
a.) Obesity
b.) Diabetes
c.) Heart Attacks

Simple changes in lifestyle is all that we need to counter these 3 epidemics. Just 3 changes and we are all set for life:

1.) Have a healthy breakfast – An ideal combination would be – oat meal, with slim milk, a bowl of raw carrots or greens, and 2 egg whites. This has all the ingredients needed ( fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals ) for the day. Do not eat anything made from maida ( bread, noodles, pasta) for breakfast. Follow this strictly and religiously.

2.) Exercise 30mins a day – Yoga, or walking or dancing or going up a flight of stairs and if you can ( body-building or swimming or martial arts ) – Whatever, you are comfortable and only for 30mins, not a minute more. This keeps your heart pumping and metabolic rate up. Preferably in the evening because you are having a healthy diet in morning and when you exert yourself in the evening, you would be a little less likely to eat junk food.

3.) Limit yourself to eating sugar, corn-syrup based products, foods which are high in fat only two times a week. Be very particular and strict about it.

That’s it, make these changes, observer for a couple of months and tell me if I am wrong. You would see a remarkable difference in your overall attitude towards food and life.

Other stuff like, drink lots of water, pace your meals 4-5 times a day, eat walnuts/almonds, eat low GI food can all be set aside if you follow the above 3 golden rules.

Details about cholesterol control, glycemic index and fat will follow in next post. I will try to keep it simple and crisp.

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